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BMW Board
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Regional Z3 Groups:
Arizona, USA
Bay Area, California, USA
Central Ohio, USA
Houston, Texas, USA

Free Online Automotive Education
Autopedia AUTOmotive encycloPEDIA
Z3 Auctions ~ Barrett-Jackson

Z3 Transport Companies:
Gold Rush Motorsports (Recommended by Z3er ~5/2006)
Intercity Lines, Inc.
TNT Auto Transport (Recommended by Z3er ~8/2001)

About Tickets-
Fight Your Speeding Tickets Page
National Motorists Association
VA Speeding Tickets
NYC Parking Tickets

Z3 Owner Mechanical Sites:
Ron Stygar's Pages
Tim's Z3 Color Gallery
Shawn Fogg's Pages

BMW in Spartanburg:
BMW Manufacturing, South Carolina, USA
BMW Zentrum Shop 888~868~7269

International Council of Auto Shows

Z3 Humor
You Might Be a Z3 Owner If:
How Men Change Oil
Unix Nerd's BMW Purity Test
Gina on Car Talk: (
"My husband is too crazy about his Z3..."
Online instant custom license plate

Z3s in Commercials:
Shall We Dance
Happiness is the Corner
Z3 Love Story-small 1 mg
Z3 Love Story-medium 2 mg
Apple Mac Z3 Ad

Z3s in Movies and TV series:
Internet Movie Cars Database

Drive in Theaters:
Come with us to a Z3 Drive-In Drive!

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