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Posted by Mike D on August 20, 2001 at 23:43:48:

In Reply to: Moving to SoCo - shipping car? posted by jlr on August 20, 2001 at 14:17:05:

We bought our Z3 in Houston. I flew down, picked it up, dropped it off, and two weeks later got it in Seattle.

We used TNT auto, and I highly recommend them. One big plus is that they put primary insurance on your car. So if anything goes wrong, you don't have to go through your ins agency.

You have a number of options for the move:
1) drop off at a terminal, and pick up at a terminal -- "open car" transport (like you see on the highways, a truck with a bunch of cars on them);
2) have them pick up the car, and then have them drop it off when it gets at the destination -- "open car" transport
3) same as #2, but in a closed transport.

For Houston to Seattle, #1 was $1,000, #2 was $1,600, and I didn't ask on #3. #1 worked out the best for me anyway, since I wanted to drive the Z3 around a while before I headed back to the airport, and they can only give you like a 4-hour window for pick up. I questioned them extensively about the difference between #2 and #3, and they said that #3 was really only used by cars worth $80K+. The only more-than-unusual damage that the car may get was "road rash" from using the open transport, and even then their complaint rate is like less than 1%. They in fact did the New York auto show, transporting all the cars from Detroit to NYC, and told me the only ones that had closed transport were concept vehicles, everything else was open transport.

Their agent/terminal in Houston is located south of the Astrodome.

- Mike.

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