98 Z3 2.8 lost control on I-90. Fish tail. (archive)

Posted by SMKComp on June 10, 2001 at 03:40:32:

Friday afternoon on the way home. There were traffic merging in from both North bound I-5 and South bound I-5. I made quick lane change from the second to the right hand lane to the far right hand lane going at around 70 mph to avoid slow merging vehicle jumping lanes to middle. My Z3's rear end started to slide and in couple of seconds, I hit the right side concrete barrier. It bounce off the barrier and it was headed across to the other side concrete barrier. I clipped couple of cars while it crossing the four lands. I walked away with an airbag burn on my left arm and also burn mark on my left shoulder from the seat belt. Z3 held up and I was safe. One thing that I really needed was DSC. 98 model has the ASC. It does not help you on fish tail...

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