I barely knew her... (crash story, long) (archive)

Posted by Brian Huskey on June 06, 2001 at 14:19:48:
Well, I posted back in early March, because I had just bought my new Z3. ( http://web.utk.edu/~bhuskey1 ) A few months and about 6,000 miles later, I am posting because I wrecked her over the week-end.
A friend of mine has posted some pics of the damage. Apparently, I rolled the car. I don't remember the wreck or even a few minutes before it. After the car came to a stop, I tried to start it. (I was a little bit dazed due to the head wound.) I hadn't quite figured out how bad the wreck was. I called information to get the non-emergency number, so that I could report it and get a tow. When the police officer arrived, she had other ideas --- such as the ambulance that took me to the hospital - but that is a whole other story.
I've not gotten word from the insurance company yet, but I figure it is totaled. At least we had some fun - we did the Dragon's Tail over Easter.
I've been out of it for a bit, so I have to ask... any incentives on Z3's right now?

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June 13, 2002 Update from Brian:
Here is my new baby... we are doing the Dragon's Tail.

Gotta love it, he's already back on the Dragon!

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